Locate Potentially Harmful Fibers in Your Home

Locate Potentially Harmful Fibers in Your Home

Reach out to us for asbestos testing in Elizabethtown & Radcliff, KY

Materials and objects that contain asbestos aren't easy to spot. To the untrained eye, a pipe or tile with asbestos would look the same as any other. For your safety and peace of mind, consider asbestos testing from a professional. Contact Larkin Environmental Solutions, Inc for efficient and effective asbestos inspections in Elizabethtown & Radcliff, KY.

We've provided thorough and accurate asbestos inspections for over 32 years in our community. If your building requires inspections by law or you simply want to make sure you're safe, call 270-769-7700 today for certified asbestos testing in Elizabethtown & Radcliff, KY.

When should you consider an asbestos inspection?

When you schedule an asbestos inspection, our team will take bulk sampling of materials in your home and send them off to a laboratory for testing. Not all homes contain asbestos. You should contact us immediately if:

  • You're performing DIY projects on an older home
  • You own a structure built before 1980
  • Natural disasters have disturbed your building's structure
  • Crumbled or broken materials have been found in your building

Asbestos is relatively safe when left undisturbed, but over time the material can crack or crumble and send fibers into the air. Contact us today to ask about our asbestos testing procedures in Elizabethtown & Radcliff, KY.